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What is an ejection fraction (EF)?
Why is ejection fraction important?
What is heart failure?
Can heart failure be treated?
How is heart failure treated?

Can heart failure be prevented?
How is ejection fraction measured?
What is an echocardiogram?
My doctor said my echocardiogram pictures were not accurate enough to measure my heart function.
Why is that?

What is a multigated acquisition (MUGA) scan?
Is the radiation from a multigated acquisition (MUGA) scan dangerous?
My ejection fraction has dropped from 65 to 60 percent on echocardiograms performed while I am
receiving treatment for my breast cancer. Does that mean my heart is getting weaker?
Does chemotherapy affect the heart?

How will I know if anthracycline chemotherapy has damaged my heart?
If anthracycline chemotherapy does damage my heart, can the damage be repaired?
How does Trastuzumab affect the heart?
I have missed multiple doses of Trastuzumab because of my ejection fraction results on heart tests. Is there
anything I can do to prevent this?