Apply Today! Fellowship in “Cardiotoxcity Prevention” – Peter Munk Cardiac Center, Toronto General Hospital, UHN

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April 20, 2015

The Ted Rogers Program in Cardiotoxicity Prevention at the Peter Munk Center will be offering a formal clinical / research fellowship in advanced heart failure and cardiotoxicity prevention starting July 1, 2015. The program will be 2 years in duration. Trainees who have completed residency / fellowship in cardiology will be allowed to apply in their last year of their cardiology fellowship. Trainees who are enrolled in other fellowships such as heart failure or cardiac imaging may also be considered for the fellowship. The 2 year program will consist of advanced heart failure clinical training for year 1 followed by training in cardiotoxicity prevention in year 2. The cardio-toxicity prevention year will include onco-cardiology, but will extend beyond this field to consider cardiotoxicity from all other medications e.g. biologics and diabetics medications. Through the 2 years the trainees will be involved in clinical research relevant to the field of cardio-toxicity / heart failure. Fellows will have the opportunity to pursue a third year in advanced cardiac imaging or enroll in graduate education. Consideration will also be provided for dedicated 1-2 year research fellowship. For the first year of the fellowship (July 2015) there is flexibility in the training schedule.

Interested applications should forward their CV to Dr. Michael McDonalds (heart failure fellowship program director) and Dr. Paaladinesh Thavendiranathan (Director of the Ted Rogers Program in Cardiotoxicity Prevention). Email addressed provided below:

Dr. Michael McDonald – Michael.mcdonald@uhn.ca

Dr. Paaldinesh Thavendiranathan – dinesh.thavendiranathan@uhn.ca

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