Oncology Program wins prestigious award

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November 21, 2013

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The Ottawa Cardiac Oncology Program has won the 2013 Innovation Award from the Cancer Quality Council of Ontario.

The program treats patients whose cancer medications could put them at a higher risk of heart failure and stroke. TOH physicians established the country’s first cardiac-oncology clinic in 2008, mostly to monitor breast-cancer patients with cardiac-care needs.

Today, the clinic has about 500 patients with a broad range of cancers and cardiac oncology clinics are springing up all over North America. Cardiologists from across Canada visit TOH’s clinic to observe how it works.

Congratulations to the team: Dr. Susan Dent, Medical Oncologist; Nadine Graham, Research Assistant; Dr. Jeffrey Sulpher, Cardiac Oncology Fellow; Dr. Christopher Johnson, Cardiologist; Dr. Michele Turek, Cardiologist; Dr. Angeline Law, Cardiologist;
Dr. Ellamae Stadnick, Cardiologist; and Sean Hopkins, Pharmacist.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013
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